Minecraft Map Types

If you’re new to minecraft maps, you may be wondering what all of the different map types are. Below, you will find a brief description about all of the different maps that we currently feature on the site. More map categories are likely to be added in the future, including Complete the Monument and PvP style maps.

Adventure maps

Adventure maps in minecraft primarily focus on telling a story, and let you play out the role of the main character in the adventure. Make sure to read all of the in-game signs, as they will offer instructions on what to do, and allow you to follow the main story of the map.

Survival maps
There are different types of survival maps, some focus purely on survival, for example, the player will spawn on a deserted island with very limited resources and must survive for as long as possible. However, there are more story driven survival maps available as well, which merge adventure with survival.

Puzzle maps
Puzzle maps aim to test your problem solving skills, expect lots of mazes, traps and redstone puzzles. Many puzzle maps have a story attached to them as well.

Parkour maps
Parkour maps are all about getting to the finish line as fast as possible. They usually involve lots of challenging jumping puzzles that will test the players skill (and patience).

Creative maps
Creative maps don’t really have any set goal, the main purpose of them is to show-off the amazing creations that minecraft players have made in-game.

Game maps
Game maps are mini games made within minecraft (game-ception!). They can range from a variety of different things, including crazy golf and tower defence style games. Some of these maps rely heavily on extremely complex redstone setups and can take quite a while to actually make, thus there aren’t as many game maps made compared to the other map categories.

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