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Find The Treasure v1.0 (1.2.5)


Map Info:
This is a basic puzzle map I created to experiment with the genre. It isn’t too in-depth or have much length to it. But it should be a fun and moderately challenging map, for a single gaming session.


-NO breaking wooden, stone, or decorative blocks.

(Once the treasure is found, feel free to continue in Survival mode using the items you have found. That is the idea.)

Escape of the Mind II: The Edge of Perception v1.0


Important: Downloading maps using the link will directly support the map creator. Just wait 5 seconds and click “Skip Ad” in the top-right corner to proceed to the map download page.

Map Info:
Sequel to the hit puzzle map Escape of the Mind, this map, like its predecessor, is half puzzle map, half optical illusion.

Battle the dark corners of your mind as you traverse the world of dreams once again. This time, its bigger, badder, and darker. Make sure you play the first to get the story!

If you get Soundmod, you can use this custom ambient soundtrack, with unique sound effects and a soundtrack featuring artists including Tycho, Flying Lotus, Shigeto and Chris Clark:

Taking place shortly after its predecessor, EotM2 picks up where the last left off, but from a different perspective. You play as the patient next to the last, patient #20355, a schizophrenic who took #20361’s ranting about darkness and floating castles as a grain of salt. But when he begins to experience similar waking dreams, he realizes there is some truth to this world, and the darkest side of him has begun to manifest within his own mind.Now, unable to tell what is real and what is dream, reality slowly breaks down into lucidity. How can you escape when you have no where to go?

– Play on peaceful
– Do not break blocks, unless instructed to
– Destroy or drop all unintentionally gathered items
– Do not cheat or use mods that make it easier (Minimap is fine)
– Play on tiny render distance
– Play on moody lighting
– Download the included texture pack (Trust me, things will look randomly out of place without it, plus some of the puzzles are based on textures)

– Play with headphones
– Play in the dark
– Download and install the included soundtrack (Requires soundmod enabler)
– Install shader mods like Sonicether’s Unbelievable shaders (If your computer can handle it) and reflective water mods.

Escape of the Mind v1.0


Important: Downloading maps using the link will directly support the map creator. Just wait 5 seconds and click “Skip Ad” in the top-right corner to proceed to the map download page.

Map Info
To save yourself, you must destroy the shadows that plague your mind and keep you from the waking world. Escape your own mind to return to the world that is real.

But can you make it? Or will you sleep forever?

From castles in the sky, to the very depths of shadow, you must travel, completing challenging yet fun puzzles along the way.

You will experience:
-Complex architecture and visually stunning atmosphere
-Awesome challenges like mazes and redstone puzzles, scavenger hunting and searching.
-Pretty sweet story
-Awesome stuff. Seriously, download and look- Awesome stuff!

Play on peaceful
Do not break blocks, only place things where told.
If the map seems too short, you definitely haven’t finished yet. Look around.

The Cube v0.2


[Map version v 0.2]

* No lags

* New Doors

* More then 550 Chambers

* Traps

* Only one exit!

* Cube covered by layer of bedrock so minimap wont help!



* No mods like minimap, toomanyitems and etc

* No blocks destroy

* Play on Hardcore

* Set your view distance to shortest!


Have FUN!

Inspired by movies The CUBE/CUBE 2: Hypercube/CUBE Zero!

Puzzle Castle v1.3 (1.3.2)


Map Info:
Puzzle Castle: A challenging puzzle map that will test your intellect, problem-solving skills, and Minecraft know-how! Each room is its own puzzle, and they get progressively more challenging as you move on. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Puzzle Castle?

See more information and tell me what you think on its Minecraft Projects page.


1. Play on Easy.

2. No mods or other such nonsense!

3. Follow the instructions on signs. The rules change a little for different puzzles.

4. Always think “outside the box” – your creativity is your best friend in puzzle maps!

5. Have fun and enjoy the puzzles!