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The latest version of my mistral city recreation project. this new update now includes the wall breach and 1st and 2nd wall buttresses. please come to my facebook development page:


The Village by Banaczech

Aid out village with about 16 houses, town hall, library, pub, restaurants, farming etc. Built in creative with texture pack johnsmith_V8.4 and HD texture mod (for best looks). There’s a giant cave structure just outside the manor house.


Cityscape – A Mountain town by Banaczech

Large sprawling map with lots of up/down/in/out and under plus some caves. Setup like you found an abandoned culture.



Awesome castle by goldenman

This castle is small but has a town with farms all around and has items in every chest in the town. So have fun and explore my map!!!!!!!!


BET with town (.rar) (551k downloads!)


Bet stands for Big Epic Treehouse. It has the main attraction, the treehouse, a town to the west, TheOneGaffer’s Castle to the south, and many other smaller attractions including a hedge maze, a blimp, (The one from Aldona) 2 mob factories, a large farm,a Mega-Hotel with a theater and a indoor pool, many housing units in the town, shops in the town, and a large underground mine with floating torches. Oh and a giant tower of bookcases. I had too much papyrus. So in this map obviously I used INVedit, as well as MCEdit. I will be posting .schematics for all of my creations shortly. I figured I might as well treat you nicely, so make sure the difficulty is on normal, and check out the battle arena and mob factories as you are invincible. Oh and all your tools are infinite. Have Fun!

Desertour v1.1 (1.2.5)


Map Authors:

Forum Thread:

Map Info:
Desertour is a challenging and beautiful parkour map, made for minecraft, and is set in a desert environment. You play the role of an assistant to Queen Cleopatra. and travel from kingdom to kingdom, delivering special messages and goods sent to and from the Queen.

While on your way back to the kingdom, you became lost in the seemingly endless desert, and cannot find your way home. Wandering in the unforgiving sand for days, you come across an abandoned safe house and take refuge there.

However, you can’t stay for too long, as you’re carrying a priceless diamond for the Queen, and must somehow find a way back to the kingdom.

Follow the rules in-game, and try to find as many diamonds as you can!

Challenge Tower v1.0 (1.2.5)


Map Info
Explore the challenge tower.

– 11 floors
– Stadium
– Monsters and fun

ENDER v2.0 (1.2.5)


Help me improve my maps! Send feedback via Youtube or Twitch msg @ /Taiizor

Map Info:
Although not nearly as scary as the game itself, ENDER attempts to recreate the same atmospherical setting and gameplay features. Without the ability to mine, craft, eat or sleep you must hurry and find ALL 8 PAGES before you starve or get slain by an ENDERMAN!…or zombie, whatever’s out there really.

Remember: This is minecraft. Don’t be expecting to be spooked by anything.

2.0 Updates:

Map is much larger and now resembles Slender’s map.

-Pages are now written books.

-Added ‘gear’ for easier survival.


Recommended Texture Pack:



-Collect all ‘8’ pages

-NO mining OR crafting anything. Except leaves if you wish.

-Play on HARD

-NO Leaving map

The Path of The Hero v1.0 (1.3.2)


Map Info:
Welcome to the land of Alluria, you wake up unexpectedly and in a house you don’t know and undertake a quest to fulfill your destiny. Oh and by the way if you fail in your quest the world will crumble to ashes…


1. Play on normal or hard difficulty.

2. Don’t destroy anything unless necessary.

3. Read missions in order.

4. Have fun!!!

The Duck Scrolls v1.0 (1.3.2)


Map Info:
Go on an adventure to rid the land of King Lenopes Tryanny. Use your wits to survive!

You must collect two duck scrolls (books), to aid you on your journey.


1. Follow all instructions.

2. Do not place any blocks unless told to.

3. Do not break any blocks unless told to.

If you would like to do a lets play of this map, please tell me.

Contact me on my Youtube Channel: RedStrikeDuckGaming