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Metropolis v2.0 (1.3.2)


Map Info:
Hi guys, I got Metropolis v2.0 hot off the press.  Due to lotsa supportive comments and lots of downloads I decided to get to work on this map even more and put in now over 100 hours total.

Again, for the 2nd version its just more of the same from the first version.  I expanded alot of roads making the grids longer out to shape the downtown area that will still take months to finish, and then after that ill be starting a suburban 2-3 storys or less build structure.

In the 2nd version I have added a supermax prison, a space needle, a new office building, a new subway station extension, a few more sewer drains and also a few random bits here and there along with some humorous signs and silly minecraft secrets you’ll just have to find out on your own.

Please leave constructive criticism, complaints and compliments.  Im interested to hear what you guys think.  I have been searching any city maps similar to mine as im a diehard Sim City fan since 1999, and am looking to just build 10,000X10,000 meters of quality city!   🙂

For added fun try to find the secret stash hidden deep down below my personal mansion.

Thanks for your support and downloads, and the more you comment the harder ill work at this map!

Castle Lividus v1.0


Map Info:
Castle Lividus of Aeritus is a HUGE custom map, featuring an epic castle, ships and much much more. It was created by KCRat, you can checkout the original post here for more info, or to contact the map author.