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Mars Mission v1.9


Creator’s Notes:

The Earth is overpopulated, and natural resources are scarce. The Moon Colonies have been ravaged by war. Humanity looks to the stars as our last hope. YOU have been selected to pilot the first manned mission to the Red Planet. You will touch down in Victoria Crater, where an automated rover has detected a new form of power emanating from strange GREEN CRYSTALS. The fate of the Earth depends on your ability to establish a base, harvest GREEN CRYSTALS, and to begin terraforming the surface before colonists arrive.


– Unique SciFi theme, intricately detailed environment
– Custom Texture Pack (required)
– 2 Custom Skins
– Unique approach to over 70 NPCs, each with roles and ‘attitudes’ toward the player
– 100% in-game signs, no external notes files
– Main storyline takes you to the Moon and Mars
– ~365,000 square block playable area
– Never-before-seen puzzles
– 6 major encounters, many minor encounters for extra loot and score
– Green Power Crystals (Redstone Dust) are your score
– Checkpoints with storage, fast transport, and/or sound effects
– Named waypoints (once you reach checkpoints) for teleporting back to quest hubs
– Over 70 Easter Eggs and a secret hidden puzzle

Rules and Guidelines
– Use the 16x MARS MISSION texture pack, included with the map download!! The game will be unrecognizable without it – NO PATCHER is needed.
– Begin on PEACEFUL difficulty, and increase the difficulty when instructed.
– DO NOT leave the bedrock wall boundary (Luna).
– DO NOT leave the crater wall boundary (Mars).
– PORTALS are “Out of Character” entrances to major encounters (think ‘dungeons’ or ‘instances’ in MMOs).
– You CAN CRAFT, but do not craft; buttons, pressure plates, levers, or redstone torches.
– You CAN recharge your laser pistol (bow) with energy bolts (arrows) looted from mobs and laser turrets (dispensers).
– DO NOT BREAK or PLACE blocks, except as noted below.
– GREEN CRYSTAL ORE (redstone ore) can be MINED for GREEN CRYSTALS (redstone).
– You can ONLY PLACE flares/keys (redstone torches) on top of fenceposts. DO NOT BREAK, once placed.
– You can BREAK and PLACE normal torches.
– Alien SPAWNERS can be broken.
– STANDING SIGNS are dialogue or “Out of Character” notes. They can be broken.
– WALL SIGNS are computer screens and should not be broken.
– Try not to break paintings from the walls (there are a lot of them).
– DO NOT PLACE BEDS in the Nether!
– GREEN CRYSTALS (redstone) will be your score (I believe you can get 200 – 215 depending on how many drop from mining redstone ore).

The Tourist v1.2 (1.2.5)


Creator’s Notes:
– 4 hours of a unique experience.
– A great screenplay.
– Epic builds, such as the sacré coeur basilica of montmarte.
– 5 exclusive redstone mini games.
– Soundtrack by cool rock bands.
– Jump, sprint and more…

Father v1.7


Welcome all from MinecraftMaps!
After nearly six months in the making, a new kind of epic Minecraft adventure has arrived! Explore a world filled with dangerous dungeons, beautiful towns and structures, and one brilliantly told story. Also, with 2+ hours of guaranteed game-play and an artistic eye for detail, this is destined to be an adventure unforgotten!

Teaser Trailer


– After downloading this file, unzip it, and then place the “-Father- Adventure Map” folder in your saves (the story notes are located within this file). You should be good to go!
– It is imperative that you read the “Guidelines Note” before embarking on your adventure!
– This map was made for the default texture pack, but using your own is just fine!
– Remember to leave feedback! I make these maps for you guys, so I want to hear your opinions!

Thanks for your support everyone!

The Creeper’s Bounty v1.0 (1.2.5)


Map Info:
A great map. At least 2 hours of game play. With 4 playable classes; The Brave Knight, The Eagle Eyed Archer, The Intelligent Alchemist, and The Powerful Summoner. So this is a great map to play with your friends.

The Prologue:
You and your group of bounty hunter misfits set off to answer the call of a Testifcate King in Gold City for Bounty Hunters to defeat the evil forces of The Dead Rebel Army (DRA) and to protect the city’s princess. Sailing by ship, you reach the city only to discover the land under assult. Will you be able to defeat Gold City’s invaders and protect the princess or will you be too late?


The knight:

  • diamond and iron armor and sword
  • fishing pole to pull in the unlucky mob

The Archer:

  • Leather and chain mill armor
  • bow and arrows
  • stone sword
  • Ender Pearl to teleport to those high places

The Alchemist:

  • Gold and Leather armor
  • Gold and Stone sword
  • Splash potions (only usable by the alchemist)
  • TNT

The Summoner:

  • Gold and Leather armor
  • Gold and Wood sword
  • Materials to build golems
  • wolf and ocelot eggs

SPECIAL RULES (regular rules in the game):

  • Only Alchemist can use splash potions, but everyone can use the bottled potions.
  • Only Summoners can have pets.
  • NO crafting buttons and levers!

Are stored in note pad with map.

We’ve decided that the best measure for a score would be your levels. See how many zombies you can kill

If your playing by your self, this map will be very difficult. Single players should play as a supermunchkin taking whatever they want from the different class.
Also, this map is the first map that Hazerwar and Tealcman have done. So if there are any mistakes or problems please PM us or post about it here.

Castlevania NES v1.0 (1.2.5)


Map Info
An exciting recreation map of the entire CV1 game made for the NES includes, huge bosses, waves of enemies to fight and one of the most accurate recreations of this video game, it is completed with hidden treasure chest and a story notes to push through the adventure. Will you survive this horrible night?

This map is best played on Single Player.

for Multiplayer, you are allowed to cheat if things get to crazy, also the Nether needs to be activated since the final battle and ending takes place there and if all players are spawned far away, here’s the coordinates:

Player Spawn
X: -1017.9170894243513
Y: 25.62000000476837
Z: -1405.0909239216114

Nether Spawn
X: -82.067250088886
Y: 85.62000000476837
Z: -157.9939686228766

The City of Testifica v1.5.1 (1.3.2)


Map info:
The City of Testifica has been attacked by an army of mobs and have chased out or killed every testificate villager. The villagers want revenge and their city back, so they have called you into arms! Choose between 10 different classes and fight back their armies.

You may choose between a Warrior, Paladin, Barbarrian, Battle Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Priest, Druid, Alchemist, or Engineer. Each with their on special abilities and unique ways of fighting the hordes of enemies. Take back the city and close of the tunnels, so they can’t escape and mount up a counter attack!

This map is suggested to be used with Testifica Armor pack:


D. I. T. A. Laboratories v1.3 (1.2.5)


Map Authors

WELCOME: Test Subject(s)

Today you have been volunteered to take a numerous amount of tests in the name of science!!!!

If you do not want to do the tests then you will probably starve to death, BUT if you do these tests then you probably won’t starve. 

Each test is created specifically to test every skill imaginable, so you will not be disappointed. In fact by the time you are done, you will probably want to kill us. 


The Developers

This Adventure Map is made for up to four players, so don’t hesitate to invite your friends to enjoy the adventure.

Also it is very important to read the signs as they will guide you through the entire test.

We all you hope you enjoy this map.

Dispatched v1.5 (1.3.2)


Map Info:
It is an adventure map, created by Jikky and Gutrund.


The plot:
You and your friend of choice, crashed with your shuttle into the deepest jungle of an unknown planet you had to discover. You don’t know exaclty where you are and you are too far away from your home-planet to call reinforcements…

We set the map in a jungle area to start. You will head into a cave and back into a huge glass dome. You are lead to a big crater by following a nice river. Finally you end up in a little castle.

We wanted as much variety as possible in the environment.

This is the first part of two planned parts.


The two players are faced with many different challenges.

A lot of them require teamwork, for example one has to complete a jump-challenge, whilst the other has to help him activate the platforms for the other to jump on etc.

There are also riddle quite tricky not to touch lava or not to fall down into it.

There are also challenges where to press the right button and some aswell where to throw items to activate buttons. There’s also a challenge where you have to be quick in fleeing to not to be hit by the lava…

Also you have to survive some zombie attacks 😉


Switch off mob spawning in your “” file! Because there are some mobs running around where they shouldn’t be!

Difficulty: Easy

Don’t break any blocks if not said so.

Don’t try to find glitches.

Follow the story line which indicates follow the disctripted way.

Play in normal(survival).

Don’t use any mods!

If you like the map check out our facebook page:

The beta status is already in the “finished” status because we didn’t find any bugs so far…