BET with town (.rar) (551k downloads!)


Bet stands for Big Epic Treehouse. It has the main attraction, the treehouse, a town to the west, TheOneGaffer’s Castle to the south, and many other smaller attractions including a hedge maze, a blimp, (The one from Aldona) 2 mob factories, a large farm,a Mega-Hotel with a theater and a indoor pool, many housing units in the town, shops in the town, and a large underground mine with floating torches. Oh and a giant tower of bookcases. I had too much papyrus. So in this map obviously I used INVedit, as well as MCEdit. I will be posting .schematics for all of my creations shortly. I figured I might as well treat you nicely, so make sure the difficulty is on normal, and check out the battle arena and mob factories as you are invincible. Oh and all your tools are infinite. Have Fun!

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